Free Software

All of the following native Win32 programs are owned and copyrighted by OCSS and may be used for personal use only. These programs are provided free of charge and have been tested and used by OCSS. No installations are required; all programs are self-contained.

Note: You assume all risk when using these programs and OC Software Solutions may not be held liable for any damage resulting from the use or misuse of these programs. Refer to individual software licenses for each product for more details.

Program Description File Format
Directory Compare Compare the contents of 2 folders. Displays file name or content differences. Supports binary compare and subdirectories.
SHA256 Hash: 66305FF3F3522202B282AFDA64293DE5F20C2D7D1061118CDDFEB6BB67C8B3C2
7-zip (.7z)
Find Files A console application to find files matching specific criteria. Supports 30+ keywords for matching, 10+ comparison operators, and "AND/OR" logical operators for boolean logic. Also supports using a command template to manipulate the standard output. This can be used to delete/copy/move the files returned by your search results. This is a very powerful utility!
SHA256 Hash: DE59ABB64D253352717EFAD4770A7293DAD7D56D12E225A23E44AF02E81F1AC6
7-zip (.7z)
Find Text A console application to find text within one or more files. Supports subdirectories.
SHA256 Hash: 3D01264CFA41D79BA88F1955DED453A0F8299669D73384FEEF62C046A03FE0E0
7-zip (.7z)
Multi-level Sort A console application to sort fixed-length or comma-delimited files. Sorting options are controlled within a single .ini file for easy usage. Locations of input, output, and temporary files are all configurable. The size of memory for sorting is configurable and can be tailored for faster sorting. Sort files with gigabytes of data. Don't pay royalties for a sort utility when all the power you need is right here.
SHA256 Hash: F2D6C08231A42A213D4A09A55E4164F5FD47F8B5DA78CA7E38E33022A8CE2913
7-zip (.7z)
NiteTNite A console application to use in batch files to pause n seconds before executing the next command.
SHA256 Hash: 351EDD348219EF244F42186C1ED2E083C46406F1890B7489D6FB3C61EBFD8420
7-zip (.7z)
PassGen Generates secure passwords according to a user-defined password policy. Between 1 and 999 passwords can be placed on the Windows Clipboard or saved to a file. Command-line support included.
Supported generation methods:
  • Pseudo-random according to a character set
  • Word combinations + (optional) other characters
  • Prounounceable word combinations + (optional) other characters

SHA256 Hash: A4184396FE993F6BCF1C52112D133E574D78C186D544B567364B2733D993B973
7-zip (.7z)
Touch A console application to mass-change time-date stamps on files, similar to the "touch" command on Linux/UNIX.
SHA256 Hash: 12DCA87D47E985939856B177B616AAED86233EE8D321CFA8520352208664BE57
7-zip (.7z)