OCSS Products

Program Platform Description
Wordsock Challenge
(temporarily uavailable)
Windows 10 Mobile and Desktop The ultimate test of scrambled word play skill. A single or multiplayer challenge of scrambled word play. Every player has the same set of letters to be played against the same board at the same time. No luck involved; just skill.
Uniletteral Windows 10 Mobile and Desktop A free word-scramble app. Try to progress through the provided difficulty levels to solve common-word anagrams. Supports 5, 6, 7, and 8-letter words to test all skill levels.
Texas Hold-em Timer Windows 8 Mobile A handy free timer for Texas Hold-em that runs on Windows 8 Mobile. Supports configuration for all types of home tournaments.
(no longer available)
Windows 8 or earlier (Win32 app) A must have for anyone who deals with documents and files in many different locations. This program integrates with Windows Explorer and the File Open/Save dialog boxes to instantly jump to the folders used most frequently.
Awarded a 5-star editor's choice by ZDNet's Software Library, who call Alias99 "a genuine power-user's tool that can add real convenience to your desktop." You'll ask yourself why this functionality isn't built in Windows and how you lived so long without it.
(no longer available)
Windows 8 or earlier (Win32 app) One-Liner generates random email signatures which contain quotes, jokes, ASCII art, etc. Completely customizable. Comes delivered with a great database of starting categories and entries. Works with the system "Clipboard" so it will work with any email program that supports a "paste" function. Other signature programs work only with specific email programs and have to be upgraded when new programs are released. This is not a problem with One-Liner! Another useful feature is the presentation of quotes or inspirational sayings from the One-Liner database at user-defined intervals.
(no longer available)
Windows 8 or earlier (Win32 app) Randomize your system sounds and desktop pictures at user-defined intervals. Each sound event has it's own "pool" of sounds from which to randomize. Keep your computing fun and exciting.
(no longer available)
Windows 8 or earlier (Win32 app) A word game supporting 1-4 players. 8 different levels of computer play to provide a challenge for all ages and skill levels. Multiplayer action is supported as well. For people wanting a pure skill vs skill contest, "challenge mode" supports up to 20 players, where each player is playing simultaneously with the same racks and the same board positions. When the game is finished, a recap is sent to all players showing the winner and the play-by-play analysis.